Where we are

We’re in Sedilo, a center in the province of Oristan. It is situated in the center of Sardinia at 288 meters above sea level and has 2000 inhabitants .

It arises on a wide highland, that softly degraded in the east , in the mean valley of thyrsus, crossed by its namesake river, the longest one of Sardinia.

A portion of lands is drowned by Lake Omodeo’s water, one of the biggest reservoir of Europe.

Territory of this ancient country has a density of archaeological monuments of the highest of the whole isle.

Nearby over a hundred “nuraghi” it is possibile to look up Wells, Domus of janas and graves of giant, the favourite place for tribal chief burial, Beyond funerary urns , used as ashes collection.

Diggings, have finally brought to light the remains of a pagan temple and a dolmen, neighboring area of nuragic building destined to host sacrifices.

How to get to Sedilo

To reach Sedilo is very easy:

Arriving from Cagliari: walking down the main road 131 “ Carlo Felice” you have to inflate at km 123 in the crossroad of Abbasanta and in the main road 131 Dcn ( Abbasanta- Olbia) until the fork Sedilo Sud.

The route is identical from Sassari or Oristano.

Coming from Olbia, you must walk down the main road 131 Dcn until the fork Sedilo Nord.