Our association is responsible of one of the most beautiful and charming Sardinian traditions: Saint Constantine Day.

It was legally established in 1991 by a team of Sedilo citizens, whom until then ( for a period of almost thirty years) managed organisation of events linked to the Saint Constantine Emperor feast in the form of commitee of volunteers.

Organisation has been turned in an association legally established with the purpose to protect, defend and promote in its different forms, historical, cultural and environmental heritage of Saint Constantine enviroment, to plan and to organise citizens’ demonstrations linked to the feast of Saint Constantine; to help promote religious demonstrations linked to the feast of Saint Constantine , to proctet and promote “S’Ardia”.


St. Constantin Sanctuary
09076 Sedilo (OR)
Tel.: +39.340.6353607

Giuseppe Spada : +39.371.1131713
Pietro Manca: +39.349.6281038
Lino Manca: +39.320.0646725
E-mail: info@santuantinu.it

Bank and postal details

IBAN Banco di Sardegna – Sedilo: IT23S0101588030000000029253